My name is Kenza Deif, I’m 18 years old. I went to school in Cairo, Egypt but recently moved to Switzerland. I did not complete my senior year in 2017 because I had to move back to Switzerland with my mom. I only had six more courses to complete and didn’t want to have to start at a new school and go through that kind of stress in my final year of high school. One of my teachers at my old school in Cairo knew about my unique story and recommended Canadian Online Education (COE) to me.


What I like most about being a student at COE are the teachers. They are super open-minded, flexible and want to create a stress-free environment for their students. The best thing about studying online is the fact that you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have the worries of waking up early, wearing a school uniform, having rigid due dates, detention etc. During my year studying at COE, I have noticed a major difference in my marks. At school, my best grades were in the 70’s but when I took my time and was able to study at my own pace I was able to achieve much higher marks in the 80’s and 90’s. When I was studying at COE I worked about six hours a day on my courses. There were days where I wasn’t motivated at all to do school work so I would relax and maybe see a few friends but make sure that I work extra hard the next day so I don’t fall behind. 


With my improved marks at COE, I got accepted into all the universities that I applied to. I couldn’t believe that I was accepted into top schools like the University of Westminster and London Metropolitan University. The advice that I would give to students who are studying at COE is to not stress about due dates! Take your time with the courses since you have 6 months to finish each course but don’t slack off and do everything at the last minute! I took a fun grade 12 business course and learned a lot. With the knowledge, I gained from this course I am hoping to open my own business someday. COE is helpful, practical, amusing, trustworthy, and stress-free online school.

Kenza Deif/Southhampton Univerity/Fall 2018

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